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Creative Memories
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Rock July 10

We left Memphis at 8 am and arrived in Little Rock at 11. We headed to the Clinton Library. I had been there before, but it was wonderful to watch them revisit events that happened in their life time. It is a beautiful setting for a Library and is loaded with technology. We left at 3pm and went to the National Park at Little Rock’s Central HS. We closed up the place at 4:30. I lived thru this saga and the Park Service has done a great job on the Museum.

We then drove by the Capitol with its beautiful gold doors. After our big day, we returned to the hotel for a little rest. Joy rested in the reclining chair, Karen on the bed by the window and ac. Jean is busy looking at the itinerary for our next day and mom was reading. There was a problem with the curtains, Karen with the sun streaming in is hot so she closes them. Jean then gets hot since the ac is being blocked. Open then closed and opened again. It took Jean 2 times opening the curtains to figure out someone is coming behind her closing them again. We all had a good laugh.

Then it was off to dinner at the Flying Fish down on the river front. Great place to enjoy seafood. It is so popular that you stand in line to give your order. The line snaked out the door. You could catch a breeze of ac as the door just kept opening. Jean and Karen had the steamed shrimp 1lb special. Karen actually needed help polishing hers off! Mom and Joy had the catfish. Joy was so happy the fish didn’t taste muddy, but sweet and tender. The day ended with showers, reading and blogging. Off till tomorrow.

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