Creative Memories

Creative Memories
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally Heather Bailey

ok here is the Heather Bailey
The left yellow paisley and the green/yellow on the right could be theme fabrics with the others as coordinated.
Pop Garden is the 2 lower right fabrics with the pink. They could be coordinates but there is not enough for them to be theme fabrics.

African Inspired frabrics

These are some African Inspired prints I have. The middle fabric could be the theme fabric with the others as coordinates with solids

Twist anyone

On the left or two beautiful bright pinks and in the middle ladies walking dogs and 50's dancein

Moda Fall Brights Collection

The blue flower in the middle could be the theme fabric with the other swatches as coordinates along with solids

Skulls and Crossbones Anyone?

My daughter is a member of tri sigma, one of their symbols is the skull and crossbone meaning sisters until death.
So being the wonderful mom I am, I've collected many different variety of this pattern. I've made pillow cases, blankets etc.
This is the stash that I have left. This of course would be your theme fabric and solids coordinating.

Purple hues

This is a collection of purple hues.
The frosted Dots collection is from Free spirt. The 5 in swatches in the bottom corrner are from Moda.

Bali Hand dyed Fabrics

Bali Island Fabrics - these are hand dyed in their traditon. They are also call Batics.
You could add these to any collection you think they would be a nice accent or as the theme fabric

Breast Cancer group

There are 4 fabrics from the Breast Cancer group with coordinating dots/ stripes


Christy Collectionwith butterflies added. The pink fabrics go nice with the Anna Griffin pinks

Amy Butler prints / dots

Above is the 1930's collection of vintage reproducations. Right - The two paterns on the left are from the Amy Butler group. The others are coordinating frosty dots

Childhood Memories

Children on Green

Love the Pink Ladies

Pink Ladie theme or coordinate

Blue Text - childhood

Blue Text - childhood

Bright stripes coor

Bright strips coord

Buggie Barn daisy

Buggie Barn Daisy coor

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok Ladies,

Please remember this is just a small part of trims, buttons, and fabric I own. This is what I had easy access too. So this is just a sample. I do have some of Heather's Pop Garen and her new paisley, striped very bright collection. I just couldn't find it in 10 min. It is put further away. :)

So let me know if you want a pack of

#1 just part of the collections and tonal fabrics $7 plus shipping costs

#2 same as #1 plus Muslin $10 + shipping costs


Moda Brights Collection

Moda bright collection

The largest pieces I have are 10 in squares, so the 1/2 yard will be tonal fabric with these being some coordinating

Black and white #2

Black and White #2

Black and white #1

Black and White dots, 1930's

Anna Griffin - Buggie Barn

Anna Griffin is at the left and Buggie Barn on the right

2nd Brights collection

Brights #2

soft calicos

soft calicos, paisley

tonal/solid fabrics

Tonal/solid coordinating fabric

Amy Butler collection

Amy Butler collection - greens, blues, yellow

Pink/brown collection

Sewing lady collection

various trims - sequins, beads, lace, ribbon, buttons.

Fabricquilt - grey, pink, red and off white

This is bright 1, gerber daisy
Hello fellow artist,

I feel so funny saying that, but if your a scrapbooker, mixed media, quilter, etc, your an artist.
When I was going through physical therpy after my 3 hand and arm surgeries, my therpist told me, "You are a arm athlete with your hobbies." I had to laugh. I've never been called an athlete of anything.

I will be making the first of 4 fabric packets for Inspired ladies. I will post some pictures of the fabrics, then of the actual packs. If you would like one as well, please email at