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Creative Memories
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Friday, July 16, 2010

July 15

July 15

Today we toured Montgomery, Alabama’s capital city.
The Capitol is very traditional being built about 1850. It has 2 canter levered stairs rising 3 stories.
It once held all 3 branches of government but now only the Governor’s office is there. In 1985 they built a Legislative building that is where they hold their sessions.

On one level they have the crests of the countries under whose rule they have been Britain, Spain, France, and Confederate. But no United States seal.
The Confederate White House is located on the capital square. Also in the Senate area was where they drafted the Confederate Government. Then they moved the confederate capital to Virginia.

Next we visited Rosa Park’s Museum. She was started the Civically Rights movement. One day she was tired and she refused to get up and give her seat to a white person. Seems the bus drivers have been misinterpreting the law all along. It really said they only had to get up and move back if there was room. Boycott lasted over a year but they won the right to first come first sit.

We had lunch at Shoney’s. Brought back old memories, when they were in St. Louis I loved their Hot Fudge Cake. It is still a great dessert.

We drove on to Huntsville. Today we visit the Space Center and an unclaimed airline luggage store. Don’t quite know what to expect but should be interesting. Jean always finds interesting places to visit. Check out the picture of Karen on the hover craft.

Tonight we will be back in Bowling Green at Larry’s house and to drop Karen off. Then tomorrow we will head back to Missouri. As they say all good things come to an end.

Hope you have enjoyed the travelogue, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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