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Creative Memories
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Derrick was to excited to use sissors to open his package, his teeth worked just fine!

Timonthy always picks out such pretty jewerly. I interpet the meaning to him and he goes "Oh so that what it means." Such a romantic, NOT. But I love the two hearts intertwined into one love the diamond.

Was Santa good to you?

Christmas Day

Becasue my mom has given us two huge plants we had no place for our 12 foot pre-lit tree. So Ashlyn came to the rescue and made us a tiny tree for us to put presents around. Santa brought Ashlyn the Wii and fit and Derrick a Eureka lettermens jacket. Both are thrilled.

Silent Auction Quilt

Here is the latest quilt to find a new home. My cousin Sandy looks quite snuggly under her new quilt.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry CHRISTmas to everyone. Enjoy the holiday and be creative over the break. I hope to finish two quilts, and updating the Christmas albums!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Here is my latest block for my block of the month club. We each pick a month then decide what type of block we are making that month. Everyone uses the fabric provided or scraps and creates their version on the requested block. This is my block for Dec. It happens to be my month and I wanted a fun winter quilt. This block is a wonky square or log cabin block with attitude. Fun to make, easy, and wonky like me. I can't wait to put all of the blocks to make the quilt. I am making more so when I receive all 11 back I can make a nice lap quilt size.

Which do you think we chose for the Christmas card? If you said the close up your right. I was not happy with any of the photos this year. But we decided that was the best of all of us. Why do we always take a family photo at Christmas? Well that tradition started with Ashlyn. I took her to Pennys at her birthday and Christmas. With times being tough I'd take her sometimes 3 times with a coupon to have enough photos to put in the Christmas cards. Well, we no longer take the kids for their birthdays, school pictures and our Family Christmas Photo document the changes through that year and year to year. We think this year Derrick has changed the most, taller, a little more muscular and oh that smile!

Well Derrick did it again to me. He didn't have his picture taken for the year book. I don't know what the deal is but for the past 2 years no school picture. So he can't out smart me! When we had our family Christmas photo I have the photograph take one of him by himself. I thin have my school photo, it may be a blank in the yearbook but mom has a picture! He does look handsome does he not! Yes he has lots of girl friends! Week to week we don't know who he is dating!

Cookies anyone?
Here is the proof that we did make batches of homemade cookies. The only time I do! They were the best right out of the oven, so warm and gooey.

Favorite Cousins
Here are Ashlyn and Jaclyn snuggling with their new quilts. Aren't they cute as bugs in a rug! Now you may be asking, what about your nephews? Well they don't really want a quilt, that is to girly. I have one picked out for my brother to do and Derrick but they are down the list as my other cousins and aunt want a quilt and asked quite a while ago. At this point I could buy a long arm , quilt my own and be a head on paying Cheri to quilt these for me. :) Anyone have an extra $10,000 I can have to buy a used long arm quilting machine. Timonthy is making room for my quilt room to be moved down stairs so we can turn the sewing room back into a spare bedroom.

The girls quilts were easy to decide, they had no decision in them. I made them and decided who would get them. My mom's on the other hand had requirements. You see I had made my mother in laws quilt. My mom reminded me " So when do I get a quilt, everyone else has?" Not quite true but I knew I needed to get started. Well, I bought most of this material last year with her in mind. So I got it out and she told me a simple quilt, no patchwork for her, blue, white and yellow, a large queen, not to heavy. Luckily there was enough material, smiple pattern, smiple quilting, and there you have her perfect quilt. She bragged on how snuggy it was and that dad didn't get to hot.
Here is Ashlyn already using her new quilt and doing her favorite thing, texting! She almost didn't get this quilt. It is made from Basic Grey fabric, they make scrapbook paper too. I just loved it and this quilt was the hardest piecing to do. With the lime green miniki on the back it just is the type you want to snuggle down in it.
Next was Jaclyn. Her quilt's material just spoke to me. I saw it and loved it. I looked at it three times, I finally decided to buy it. I had found a pattern I wanted to do with the material, but still didn't know which niece it would turn out to be their quilt. Finally, I showed Jaclyn and she just shrieked how she loved the blue and greens. Perfect match. Cheri's quilting is just beautiful, she centered a feathery flower in each block. Jack told us he liked that quilting the best. Is she not cute cuddling under her new quilt.
Kaelea is so excited about her baby sister's arrivial. Ericka Rose is her chosen name. Kaelea proudly held up Ericka's quilt for a picture. It is a little bit big for a newborn, but we decided it can be put on the floor when she needs a place to play.

Here is Kaelea with her Mary Englebrite quilt. This is the first quilt I made that was hung at our local quilt store, Susie Q Quilting. My friend Susan Meyer is the owner.

It went off without a hitch. All ingrediants were there and checked off. I only had to bring the yellow cake mix for the latest receipe, gooey butter cookies. I kept myself busy with spooning out two batches of cookies, handing out quilts and taking photos.

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful, fun and family day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving 2009. Ashlyn and Colin celebrated 2 years dating this fall. He's a keeper. He manages to keep Ashlyn in line. That is not an easy thing to do.
It is a tradition that I take family photos at Thansgiving for everyone's Christmas card. Jaclyn decided on their families theme this year. Their passion of hunting. She got a 3 pointer this fall. An amazing girl, from softball, to hunter, to breath taking beautiful.

Jean was so happy to have her boys together and get this fablious photo. The holiday was a good as ever. The stuffing was just about perfect, only a little dry in the corners. We missed Uncle Larry but all understood why he couldn't be with us this year. Hopefully next year he can make the drive.

Here is the latest 4 generation picture. It is hard to believe Kaelea is 11. She will have a new baby sister soon, Erika Rose will be the second great grandbaby. Where does time fly.

Thanksgiving Celebration: A Time for Great Family and Good Food

This Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. Just like every year, the entire family was together for the holiday at our Grandmother's house. The holiday preparations started the night before as Grandma, Jean, Joyce, Ashlyn, and Kaelea prepared all of the delicious desserts. Thanksgiving dinner is always early as per Grandma's request so everyone began arriving around noon. Ashlyn and John were the extraordinary Sue Chefs of the day by helping Grandma prepare the bountiful meal.