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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go South Ladies July 9

This diary is being written from my mom's perspective. So she is writing in her first person while the girls aqre Jean, Kaaren and I. We hope you enjoy our little quips of the trip.

Go ! South Ladies Go South

One winter Sunday, I read all about Madewood Plantation near Napolean, LA which had been turned into a Bed and Breakfast.

Now that is not the thing, that appears on Jack’s to do list.
So I asked my 3 daughters if staying in a Southern Antibellum Mansion interested them.
They graciously agreed that that would be our girl’s trip in 2010.

So I gave the travel agent job to Jean, which she loves to do. We decided to make it a driving trip, since we had to go to Kentucky to pick up Karen.
She asked each of us what we would like to see on the way there and back.
With those wishes in mind, she designed a trip.

Since Karen’s summer class was finished at noon on Friday July 9th, we left Imperial at 6:10 am.
I drove until Cape, and by then my hip was hurting. I pulled over to let Jean drive. We exchanged places and then could not find the car keys. See at home I throw them between the seats, well I did that but this time since there were fewer coupons and such, they fell all the way to the floor. Well after 2 searches of my hand bag and the back of the van, I spied then. So had a good laugh about my losing the keys before we got out of state.

Arriving in Bowling Green at 12:30, we had lunch with my brother Larry before leaving at 1:30 for Memphis. Our trip to Memphis was uneventful except of 2 rain showers. We arrived at 6 pm
Karen picked Shoney’s for dinner, and Jean said good choice and pulled in a Perkins. By then we had been driving for 12 hours and she was tired. Well Perkins still has delicious pie.

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