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Creative Memories
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspired Wrap UP

I've returned from Inspired, a short 21 days ago. We had such a great time, it seems like we were just there. Many of us are so excited to go back next year. Most of us hope we can afford the experience again.

I was lucky in that I got to room with two of my gal pals, Donelle M. and Karen T. I was so lucky to meet Karen in 2006, so funny that she kept me and Ashlyn cracking up it was hard to go to sleep. Then Donelle was my swap box buddy and made me the cutest CE 07 flip flops. She is so funny, supportive and just a great gal.

Because of a situation beyond our control, we weren't able to say good bye to each other. That was the worst. The good news is We all got back safe and sound, and Karen's dad is doing much better, which we all are so happy about.

Here are two of the projects I did finish at the convention. My art ring from Donna Downey's class. Yes, lucky me, I was one of 40 who made it into her class! Yippee

I did complete two projects in the Glitz girls classes. Oh they were so sweet, they let me borrow supplies, that I managed to forget. My basic kit, yes, had all of the expensive art supplies but forgot my basic kit. I felt really stupid, but they and Tena were very nice and shared.

Then the project I was most proud of was the painting I finished on Sunday morning at 4 am. It was suppose to be a likeness of ourselves. Well that would be the last thing I wanted so I decided to do Ashlyn. So how did I do. When Ashlyn saw it, she loved it, said "I get it right?" Then off she whisked away with the painting, and I hadn't signed it yet. If I ever become famous how will I prove it is my work? Ha Ha

Hope to keep up with all of my gals from Inspired and the Ultimate Cruise. Take care and check in often.

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