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Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is time to order your fabric pack, why you ask. Well this is the last offering from me. I need to get my stuff ready after I finish this task. I had to replace the muslin for Susan's class, classy buttons, and new beaded trim. I got it for a very good price, so that is why I can pass the saving to you. This is the reason the prices when up a tad.

I am going to add a few more fabric packs you can choose from plus the original offerings. If you want the ethnic, there is only enough for 1 pack. Fall moda, one or maybe two. The rest I have at least 3 packs worth left. One of the new packs is a dessert motif, I know there will only be 2 packs of it. i didn't want to over buy and be left with more fabric! Again thanks to all that have already supported my Inspired fun money drive, and for the rest for your consideration.

The prices when up just a little, I under estimated postage, time costs and fabric replacement.

So here is the new pack prices

Fabric, muslin, trims, buttons etc. for Susan's class = $12

Extra just fabric with trims = $7.50

Extra fabric for Jennifer's class or more to decorate. $= 6.50

I you need some for the quilting mini classes let me know and I'll come up with the wholesale cost based on how much fabric you need.

Shipping for one pack $3, more packs, I'll bill you for the extra.

$1 token for time, if you would like to add another dollar that would be great, but you don't have too.

If you would like to buy fabric extra fabric for other projects.
1/4 yard = $1.75
1/3 yard = $2.50
1/2 yard = $3.25
3/4yard =$ 4.50
1 yard = $6.00

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