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Creative Memories
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New addition

Here is our newest addition to the family. Evo,, EEEvo is how you say his name. Well we think it is a he, but you know we are not the greatest at sexing cats. Derrick brought him home one evening. Seems someone dropped off cats in a box at the school at dismissal. Of course, the animal lover had to bring one home. He is responsible for it, but Timonthy has been very good about loving him and feeding him in the am. Derrick has been good to play with him and clean his litter box. He would sleep with us like the big cats but we are afraid we squish him as he likes to sleep in the crook of your knee. So he sleeps in the sewing room. He has grown a lot but still is little compared to the others.

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