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Creative Memories
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Cousins
Here are Ashlyn and Jaclyn snuggling with their new quilts. Aren't they cute as bugs in a rug! Now you may be asking, what about your nephews? Well they don't really want a quilt, that is to girly. I have one picked out for my brother to do and Derrick but they are down the list as my other cousins and aunt want a quilt and asked quite a while ago. At this point I could buy a long arm , quilt my own and be a head on paying Cheri to quilt these for me. :) Anyone have an extra $10,000 I can have to buy a used long arm quilting machine. Timonthy is making room for my quilt room to be moved down stairs so we can turn the sewing room back into a spare bedroom.

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